Health Plans, Healthcare Clearinghouses, and all Healthcare Providers who use electronic systems to store, send, or receive protected health information.  In other words, if your office uses a practice managerment and/or EMR system to store patient information, you must be HIPAA compliant.

According to the Security Rule, all covered entities must first perform a HIPAA Risk Analysis or Assessment for their practice.
No. While helpful, a checklist is not guaranteed to pass a HIPAA compliance audit.

In addition to being able to provide a current and thorough Risk Assessment for your practice, you also need to provide documented proof that your practice is performing a continuous ongoing compliance program. This includes documenting policies, procedures, and ongoing HIPAA compliance training for all employees.

Yes. As of 2016, every covered entity is eligible to be proactively audited by the Office of Civil Rights.

According to HHS.Gov, every covered entity and business associate is eligible to be audited. This includes covered individual and organizational providers of health services, regardless of size or function.

Currently, the Office of Civil Rights and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services have hired independent auditing firms to oversee the audit process.

If audited and insufficient proof of a HIPAA compliance program is found, the regulations outline criminal and/or monetary sanctions to the provider and/or business owner.

Abyde is a user-friendly software solution that gives the independent healthcare practice the resources to attain and sustain internal HIPAA compliance programs. By following Abyde’s proven HIPAA processes, any sized healthcare provider can be effective and efficient in managing their compliance program.

Abyde walks end-users through all aspects of implementing and maintaining their HIPAA compliance program. By following Abyde’s notifications and monthly objectives, staff and providers can easily address HIPAA compliance needs while freeing themselves to focus on patient care and practice profitability.

No, Abyde is cloud-based. All you need is internet access to take advantage of Abyde’s unmatched ease of use.

Yes.  Abyde walks users through all apsects of the HIPAA audit protocol. This includes a risk analysis, risk mitigation, HIPAA training for staff, policy generation, ongoing compliance, and more! If audited, Abyde's HIPAA specialists will work hand-in-hand with your organzation to ensure proper documentation is provided to auditors. 

With pricing starting at $115/month, Abyde is affordable for any sized healthcare practice.  To learn more about pricing or to schedule a free demo, please Contact Us.